Weekly news: June 2nd, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

I’m done with last week’s painting! I was really intimidated, but it ended up taking less time that what I had expected and planned. Here’s another fun fact in case you’re still trying to guess what plant it might be:

Since I bloom in the early Spring, I use a rotten meat aroma to attract flies and other pollinators.

If you want more details, head over to my portfolio for more on this piece!

Now, I’m going to start the third painting in my indigenous plants of Canada series. I’m excited about this one because I think it’ll match Sarracenia and Trillium quite nicely. Here’s a fun fact on this pretty amazing flowers:

To make sure pollinators get really well coated in pollen, my flowers form a tunnel with an entry and an exit. The bee doesn’t have a choice as to which way to go!

Pretty fascinating stuff, no?

In other news, we’ve just had our first garden grown strawberry! It was so good, and I can’t wait for more!

New in store

A new card featuring my latest painting and its accompanying print are now available in the store! I’ve also added some new colouring letter paper pages for all of you letter writing friends.The lily of the valley painting is available as a greeting card! 3 versions are available, so I hope you’ll go take a look!


A small book full of details and colours 🙂

Head over to the blog for more details!


Here’s my month of May! I take you on a tour of our newly set up garden 🙂 I can’t wait to update you on it as the season progresses.

A small treat…

I’ve completely fallen in love with this artist’s work! How magical!

Book review: The Art of Adornment, Gibbs Smith Publishers

Book Reviews

(En français par ici!)

This book has followed me around for years. I found it 10 years ago in the clearance bin of the Montreal Fine Art Museum, and just had to bring it home. I liked the sleek design and colorful cover. Today, I’m sharing The Art of Adornment, Design, Fashion, Art by Gibbs Smith Publishers.

This book is a collection of quotes on design, fashion and art. What’s really interesting to me though is the selection of patterns that accompany each quote. The publishers have done a great job curating patterns from many different cultures and traditions. It is mesmerizing to discover each page and get lost in each pattern and design.

It also feels incredible to have full colour book. In more intricate designs, the colours really bring everything together to create an almost hypnotizing effect. This is the kind of book that is so much fun to flip-through when you want something light and inspiring. I always find myself tracing the patterns and knots to try to figure out how they work.

Overall, this small book is a great addition to any bookshelf. It is very interesting to discover quotes from all around the world on art, design and fashion, while also getting lost into patterns, knots and designs. It would also make a great gift for your artsy friends who has everything. Finally, if only to fall into a world of colours and intricate details, this book is worth a flip through!

The Art of Adornment- Design, Fashion, Art; Gibbs Smith Publishers


Book review: The Art of Adornment, Gibbs Smith Publishers

Ce livre m’a suivi pendant des années. Je l’ai trouvé il y a 10 ans dans le bac de liquidation du Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal, et je devais absolument le ramener à la maison. J’aimais son design épuré et sa couverture colorée. Aujourd’hui, je vous présente The Art of Adornment, Design, Fashion, Art de Gibbs Smith Publishers.

Ce livre est un recueil de citations sur le design, la mode et l’art. Mais ce qui m’intéresse vraiment, c’est la sélection de motifs qui accompagne chaque citation. Les éditeurs ont fait un excellent travail en sélectionnant des motifs issus de nombreuses cultures et traditions différentes. Il est fascinant de découvrir chaque page et de se perdre dans chaque motif et chaque dessin.

C’est également incroyable d’avoir un livre tout en couleurs. Dans les dessins les plus complexes, les couleurs font vraiment ressortir l’ensemble pour créer un effet presque hypnotique. C’est le genre de livre qu’il est très agréable de feuilleter quand on veut quelque chose de léger et d’inspirant. Je me retrouve toujours à tracer les motifs et les nœuds pour essayer de comprendre comment ils fonctionnent.

Dans l’ensemble, ce petit livre est un excellent ajout à toute bibliothèque. Il est très intéressant de découvrir des citations du monde entier sur l’art, le design et la mode, tout en se perdant dans des motifs, des nœuds et des dessins. Il ferait également un excellent cadeau pour vos amis artistiques qui ont déjà tout. Enfin, ne serait-ce que pour tomber dans un monde de couleurs et de détails complexes, ce livre vaut la peine d’être feuilleté !

The Art of Adornment- Design, Fashion, Art; Gibbs Smith Publishers