Weekly news: March 17, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Happy Saint-Patrick’s day! And Happy Ostara! Spring is knocking on our doors!

Last weekend we sowed our seeds indoor in preparation for Spring and Summer. I’m very excited to be thinking about our gardening season. After only a few days, we have a few sprouts coming out: Cosmos won the race, followed by chamomile and calendula. It’s such a wonderful pleasure to see these plants grow from seeds. This year, I want to try and grow more of my own herbal teas. I’ve also experimented with cranberry seeds, and cross your fingers they sprout!

After finishing the poppy painting last week, I’ve started a new one. Can you guess what plant I’m featuring here? Hint: you probably have some form of it in your kitchen!

It’s a lot of fun to be working on these plant studies as I’m learning a lot of plants but also about painting them. I’m very excited to share this new one with you soon!

New in store

I drew these little hares this morning! I was very inspired by the eminent arrival of Spring. I stumbled upon this three hares symbol as I was researching my Ostara card, and it stayed stuck in my head. It’s a very mysterious symbol that has been found in different part of Europe and Asia. We’ve lost it’s meaning, but I like imagining stories around it, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too!

And if you enjoy hares, I also made this other colouring page a few weeks ago!


All in softness and imagination!

Head over to the blog for a full review!

A small treat…

I made this for lunch this week, and it was delicious! I only used a little bit of sesame oil to pan fry however, and it was still a crispy wonder 🙂

Book review: Entre Ciel et Mer par Les Frères Fan

Book Reviews

(In English over here!)

Cette semaine, je vous partage un autre livre par des écrivains et illustrateurs canadiens: Entre ciel et mer par les Frères Fan. Il y a quelque temps maintenant, j’avais repéré ce livre dans une petite librairie. Je m’étais dit, «ce livre est vraiment beau… s’il est encore là la prochaine fois, je le prend! » Pas de gros suspense, je suis retournée exprès pour le chercher… et je ne suis pas déçue!

Ce livre suit Félix qui part en voyage imaginaire en bateau à la recherche de cet endroit entre le ciel et la mer dont lui avait parlé son grand-père. Faisant subtilement écho aux contes chinois, cette histoire est douce et pleine d’imagination. Le texte étant assez minimal, on est rapidement absorbé dans les magnifiques illustrations remplie de détails fantastiques et amusants.

Cet album est très doux. L’histoire est simple, mais permet d’aborder des thèmes importants comme le deuil, le souvenir ainsi que l’héritage avec les enfants. Encore une fois, les illustrations de ce livres attirent l’œil par leur richesse. Comme d’autres livres que j’ai déjà partagés, les illustrations ont été faites au graphite et coloriées à l’ordinateur. Cette technique crée ici une impression de feutrage, qui correspond très bien au voyage de Félix. Les images sont également composées de façon très habiles et plusieurs objets sont repris de page en page, créant un joli thème très poétique.

Finalement, c’est un vrai plaisir de découvrir ce duos de frères illustrateurs canadiens. Une chose vraiment remarquable dans ce livre est la quantité d’informations que les images fournissent au lecteur et à la lectrice. Chaque image nous renseigne un peu plus sur les différents personnages, présents et absents, et permet de compléter l’information que le texte fourni. On assiste a un équilibre très plaisant entre le texte et les images.

Pour finir, ce livre est tout simplement magnifique. Les illustrations sont magiques et remplie de poésie. Elles seules sauront charmer tous les lecteurs. Le livre en lui-même étant également un très bel objet, il tient bien sa place dans toutes les bibliothèques. Si l’occasion se présente, retournez chercher ce livre, vous ne serez pas déçus!

Entre ciel et mer par les Frères Fan, Éditions Scholastic

Ocean Meets Sky, by the Fan Brothers Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers


Book review: Ocean Meets Sky by the Fan Brothers

This week, I share another book by Canadian writers and illustrators: Ocean meets Sky by the Fan Brothers. Some time ago, I had spotted this book in a small bookstore. I thought to myself, “this book is really beautiful… if it’s still there next time, I’ll take it! ” No big surprise, I went back on purpose to get it… and I’m not disappointed!

This book follows Finn as he goes on an imaginary boat trip in search of the place between the sky and the sea that his grandfather told him about. Subtly echoing Chinese tales, this story is sweet and imaginative. The text being quite minimal, one is quickly absorbed in the beautiful illustrations filled with fantastic and amusing details.

This album is very gentle. The story is simple, but allows for important themes such as grief, remembrance, and legacy to be addressed with children. Once again, the illustrations in this book are eye-catching in their richness. Like other books I have shared before, the illustrations were done in graphite and coloured on the computer. This technique creates a soft, matted feel here, which is very fitting for Finn’s journey. The images are also very skilfully composed and many objects are repeated from page to page, creating a lovely and very poetic theme.

Finally, it is a real pleasure to discover this duet of Canadian illustrators. One thing that is truly remarkable about this book is the amount of information that the images provide to the reader. Each image tells us a little more about the different characters, present and absent, and allows us to complete the information that the text provides. There is a very pleasant balance between the text and the images.

Finally, this book is simply beautiful. The illustrations are magical and full of poetry. They alone will charm all readers. The book itself is also a beautiful object, and it fits well in any library. If the opportunity comes up, go out and get this book, you won’t be disappointed!

Ocean Meets Sky, by the Fan Brothers Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers