Weekly news: May 6, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Before anything else: yes, the hellebores are okay! They don’t seem to have been affected by the snow at all!

II hope you are all doing well!

I am so excited to share this week’s newsletter because I’m done with a painting! This one took my a while to complete because it is a very detailed plant. But, after three weeks of hard work, it is done!

Did some of you guess which plant I painted?

It is the fascinating Sarracenia purpurea!

This Purple Pitcher plant is simply fascinating! Native from the bogs and marshes of Eastern Canada, it is a spectacular carnivorous plant. I learned a lot when I was researching the plant. Let me share a few incredible details. First, what might appear to be the flowers, the pitchers, are in fact modified leaves. These little pitchers fill up with rain water and are soon colonized by little invertebrates. These wait for other insects to drown into the water and decompose them, providinf nutrition to the plant! How incredible! And as if you weren’t fascinated enough, look at the actual flower!

I had so much fun researching this plant and also painting it. I’m really happy to be done with it, but also a bit sad to be done because I had so much fun adding layer after layer of watercolour.

If you’d like to see some process photos, check out my portfolio by clicking on the picture.

New in store

You can bring this fascinating plant home as a print or a greeting card.


I looooooooove this book!

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It’s the first newsletter of the month, which means it is vlog time! Come take a look at my month of April!

A small treat

Feels like a holiday!