Yule Rabbit and Cardinal – Botanical Nature Journal

I wanted to paint a festive spread for this Christmas and Yule season. It was very interesting to try my hand at a bird. Cardinal birds are so cheerful and full of hope, especially when they show us their stunning colours in the middle of winter. The rabbit was also very fun to paint. While doing research for this piece, I learned that many hares and rabbits that used to turn white during winter do not do so anymore. It made me think a lot, but also made my painting more interesting!

I used watercolours on watercolour paper. This painting took me 14 hours to complete.

I really wanted to make a zine out of this spread too. It was interesting to research Yule celebration symbols and beliefs.

If you like this piece, both the zine and the print are available in my Etsy shop. Each time your purchase something from my shop, you support my work as an independent artist.

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