Trillium erectum Botanical Painting

I’m very happy to share this piece with you because it always feels so magical to stumble upon this plant when walking in woods. Trillium erectum is a very pretty native North American flower. It only comes out in early Spring, before trees have leaves blocking out the sun coming to the forest floor. Trillium completes its life cycle very rapidly and then become dorman until the following Spring. Such ephemeral beauty!

I painted this pretty flower with watercolour on watercolour paper and used brown ink for the calligraphed title.

Here are a few process pictures:

If you enjoy this piece and would like to support my work as an independent artist, this painting is available as a print and as a greeting card.

Each time you buy something in my shop, you enable me to keep on painting and you receive a lovely item to embellish your daily life!

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