Magical Plants – Grimoire Pages Series

With the coming of Fall and the end of Summer, I’ve been drawn back to an old love of mine: folklore and old traditions! I’ve spent a lot of time researching and reading and decided to put this knowledge to good use by creating these beautiful calligraphy pieces.

It was such a pleasure to come back to calligraphy after such a long time. I think it gives these cards the perfleclty imperfect touch they need to be truly magical.

It was my first time working with sepia ink, and I’m think I’m completely smitten! I love how soft and old it looks compared to the traditional black ink.

It was also a very nice change of pace to be working with so little colour.

If you like these grimoire pages, they are available as prints and greeting cards over on my Etsy. As an independent artist, your support makes all the difference and helps me keep making what a love which is art!

6 thoughts on “Magical Plants – Grimoire Pages Series

      1. I was telling Older Daughter all about sepia inks and your work – and she promptly informed my that traditionally, sepia was made from squid ink! It went on dark, but lightened to that lovely colour we are familiar with.

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