Cypripedium acaule Botanical Painting

This painting! It has been a difficult one from the start, but I really enjoyed it. My kitten even stepped on it and smeared fresh ink on it at one time. There are some paintings that seem to be sprinkled with extra challenge. Well, I learned a lot drawing and painting these beautiful Cypripedium acaule, or Pink Lady’s Slippers. They are native to Canada, and I was lucky enough to see some in the wild when I was a child.

I used watercolours and ink on watercolour paper to paint these delicate orchids.

These are really fascinating plants. Indeed, to be pollinated, bees (who are particularly attracted to this flower) will need to come in through the pink hanging petals and will only be able to come out through the top, at the back of the flower. Of course this difficult access to nectar implies that the bee will be well covered in pollen. Such a clever way!

Here are some pictures of my painting process.

If you enjoy this painting and would like to support my work as an independent artist, it is available as a print and a greeting card in my shop. Each time you buy a product from me, you get a beautiful image to decorate your home and you support my passion for nature and painting.

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