Cassia fistula Painting

I’m so excited to add this painting to my portfolio. It is the first larger format I worked on, and I particularly enjoyed the experience. It took me 40 hours spread out over three weeks to complete this painting from researching, sketching, painting and finally to adding my signature.

This painting features the beautiful flowers of the Cassia fistula tree which is also known as the Gold Shower tree. This tree grows in Vietnam, so I decided to pair it with the orange breasted trogon bird which shares its habitat with the Cassia tree. It was very interesting to research Vietnamese trees and birds. The biodiversity is quite impressive and so inspiring! For the fairy, I was inspired by patterns of traditional Vietnamese tribal clothing. I liked to imagine that the little fairy and the bird would meet for a few drops of nectar in this magnificent tree to discuss their day.

I used watercolours on watercolour paper and ink for this painting.

If you like this piece, it is available as a print in my Etsy shop. Each time you buy something from my shop, you allow me to keep on making art! Thank you 🙂

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