Weekly news: April 21, 2022

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Can you believe we had snow at the beginning of the week? I still can’t!

The good thing about it being still pretty cold out, is that ****drum roll please**** I finished my sweater, and I can wear it! It was such a long project that I kept putting aside, but I’m so glad it is now finished!

I’m am getting very impatient to see flowers outside, but in the meantime, I am celebrating Spring with a new forest flowers painting. I’m just at the beginning of it, so there is not much to share. For this one, I am tackling my fear of backgrounds and trying something new (again). I hope it turns out beautiful!

Outside of the atelier, I’ve been thinking a lot about…the atelier. Etsy has increased their fees, Patreon, my work on the blog, making enough sales have all been on my mind. I’ve seen other artists add a tip jar to their Etsy shop, and I thought that was a good idea. So, there is now a tip jar in my shop. It always feels a bit icky talking about and asking for money, but I want to continue to create quality and free content (the book reviews and this newsletter for example!). This still means that I spend time and put work into creating these free pages. The tip jar is there in case you have a desire and financial capacity to support my work. Of course, this is totally up to you, and I hope you will not feel like you have to! The fact that you are reading this makes me already so happy. Moving on!

I am also putting up a class on creativity, and I have been writing some more these past few weeks. I try to write for a 2 hours or so every few days, and I am almost done with the text part of the class. I cannot wait to get into the filming/photography part of this project! I’m still looking at many more weeks of work, but it is slowly taking shape. I’ll keep you posted on that project as well!

Finally, if you didn’t eat your weight in chocolate over the long weekend and are still craving something sweet, these crunchy peanut butter chocolates are amazing! Beware, they tend to disappear instantly!

That’s it!
Until next week,

Take care 🧡🧡🧡



This is such a beautiful book!

Over here for a full review!

A small treat…

It’s so fun to discover myths and stories. I really like the illustration style of this video. I hope you will like it too!


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