Weekly news: April 14, 2022

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

After spending a lot of time thinking, planning, and organizing, I’m finally back at the creative table: I have officially started work on a very special product I’d like to launch this Fall. It’s crazy to be thinking about October already when there aren’t any flowers or leaves out yet, but I want to have enough time to create something unique and beautiful. Also, because it is something new, I want to give myself enough time for prototyping and redirecting if things don’t work out. I’ll let you know more once I have some tangible things to share. 

I have also been experimenting with different drawing styles and revisiting the basis of drawing with a lot of sketching. I’ve never had a drawing class presenting specific drawing techniques, so when the illustrator Julia Bausenhardt launched her Sketching Fundamentals class, I signed up. It is so nice to learn new tips and to give myself some time to draw and practice. Here is one of the exercises from this week’s teachings: I gave myself 30 seconds to look at each picture and then 30 seconds to draw from memory. I chose shoes because I never draw shoes… and it was so hard! It was very funny because it felt like the object would instantly disappear from my mind once the picture was gone. It was a really fun exercise, and I think I’ll try it again sometime.

Outside the atelier, I’ve been devouring the book “The Coyote Road, Trickster Tales”, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling. It is an anthology of stories featuring a trickster character. The Trickster is such an important archetype in stories and is present in all cultures. It is really interesting to discover new stories and authors, and so far each story is better than the previous one. I have to admit that I picked this book up because it is decorated by Charles Vess, one of my favourite illustrator, but it has been living up to its cover perfectly!

That’s it!
Until next week,

Take care 🧡🧡🧡



A treat of a book!

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A small treat…

How??? Incredible!


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