Weekly news: January 19, 2022

weekly news

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I hope this finds you well!

This week, I finished Lady Tiger! I really like how she is assorted to Lord Tiger I showed you last week. It was so much fun researching and designing their costumes. I really cannot get over how complex and adorned Elizabethan clothes were.

I hope you’ll visit my portfolio for more pictures.

Since I had this wonderful pair of Tiger Lords completed, I worked on some products to add to the shop. I made these “peeking” bookmarks, and , if I can say so myself, they are so fun. These two tigers really have the most intense gaze, and I thought it would make each reader laugh each time they picked up their books to have the Lady or Lord stare at them.

Administratively, it was also a very productive week as I am done with inventory! I have to admit I dreaded it, but this year I was able to make this tedious task more pleasant by shifting my perspective. By feeling so grateful for my work, my shop, and even the expenses I had for the shop last year, I really didn’t feel dragged down by inventory. I only hope I can remember this mind trick next year!

Until next week,

Take care 🧡🧡🧡


Such a beautiful book: both the story and illutrations are wondeful!

Head over to the blog for a complete review!


Lady and Lord Tiger really have the spotlight this week in the shop!

A small treat…

I had so much fun scrolling through Meetissai’s pictures. This artist makes funny and quirky little sculptures of animals. They are often very funny or … a bit wacky.

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