Weekly news: January 12, 2022

weekly news

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Happy New Year 2022!

I’m wishing you all a wonderful year filled with good books, moments in nature and little joys every day.

I also hope you had a lovely holiday season and that you were able to rest and recharge for a few days.

During the break, the shop was open, and I kept busy taking care of your orders. Thank you so much for you support! It made me so happy to fill out your orders. When I was not packing orders, I slept a lot, ate too much chocolate, read some books and watched some movies: the perfect holiday! It really filled me up with ideas and projects for this new year. But first, I wanted to finish the odds and ends from 2021.

First, this Tiger King!

I loved researching Elizabethan fashion for this painting! These clothes were quite incredible, weren’t they? I’m working on Queen Tiger now, and she should finish up my Tiger series. I had so much fun painting and drawing these tigers! They are such beautiful animals.

On my plate this year: many, many, many flowers! I cannot wait to start working on a wildflower series. After painting fun Tigers, I’m excited to go back to botanical painting and its precision.

I have so many fun surprises planned, but all good surprises start with a secret!

So while you wait,  please visit  King Tiger in my portfolio!

Until next week,

Take care 🧡🧡🧡


Let’s start the year with some fun and silly reading!

Head over to the blog for a complete review!


A small treat…

Let’sgo on some spirit travelling through the wonderful photos of artist Lazar Gintchin. His website is full of wonderfully beautiful pictures, but I particularly enjoyed the Faroe Islands gallery.


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