Weekly news: December 22, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Last week, I told you that I had had a few hiccups with my painting. Well, it is done, complete, finito! I’m so glad and relieved! I had a lot of fun painting the wonderfully beautiful Delonix regia flowers. The trouble came when it was time for me to add a background: too light at first, then too dark, I just couldn’t figure it out… and since I’m working “analog-ly”, it was a bit scary to think that I might need to throw away more than 35 hours of work just for the background.

In the end, I lifted a lot of the paint, and I think it works. I actually considered cutting the background or using acrylic paint to cover up. However in the end, I’m quite happy with the result. It adds texture, and I learned a lot during this slightly painful process.

You can see the complete piece and process pictures in my portfolio over here.

To give myself a break from precise botanical painting, and because the first tiger was so relaxing to paint, I decided to do another piece for the Lunar New Year. This time, I wanted to celebrate my Vietnamese heritage and researched traditional Vietnamese dresses, the áo dài. If you have five minutes to spare, I suggest googling those dresses. Modern designers are creating the most amazing dresses! I went for a more traditional style, and it was a lot of fun to imagine these two tigers roaming the busy streets of Vietnam.

I learned my lesson from the Delonix regia painting however and added the background digitally. You can see the finished result in my portfolio over here.

Finally, I wanted to thank you all for sharing another year with me. I had a lot of joy from creating paintings, drawings and products for you, and I’m excited to continue to do so next year. The newsletter will take a short break and come back on January 12, 2022.

I’m wishing you a relaxing holiday season with bubbles of time just for you, your favourite book or activity. I hope we can all start 2022 feeling hopeful and inspired. 🎉🎉🎉

Take care 🧡🧡🧡


My favourite book of all year, perfect to end the book reviews of 2021!

Head over to the blog for a complete review!


A small treat…

If you need a little bit of cheer and relaxation during the holidays, I suggest visiting the “Stories” section of Roeselien Raimond website. She is a wonderful wildlife photographer and has a special knack for taking the most wonderful fox pictures.


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