Weekly news: November 24, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Last weekend, I visited my painting in its new home, and it was such a pleasure to see it beautifully framed! It makes me so happy to see my work presented like this.

In the atelier, I’m starting work on another big format. I shared with you the beginning of the study, and I completed that. I used to not see the value of studies, but it is quite interesting to be able to practise a subject in this low-pressure way. It was very helpful in helping me identify the possible difficulties and things to watch out for. It was also a great way to practise mixing colours and noting down interesting mixes. Now that I’m starting to paint the “real thing”, I’m more confident of where I’m going. It’s still very much nerve wracking, but we have begun ladies and gentlemen!

Until next week,

Take care! 🧡🧡🧡


Yes, another great book illustrated by Isabelle Arseneault!

Head over to the blog for a complete review!


The sketchbook is available in the shop! I made it a digital product because I couldn’t decide on what kind of paper to print. I thought some of you would prefer thicker paper for markers, while others might enjoy specialty paper like watercolour paper. So, as a digital download, you can decide for yourself and print it in the comfort of your own home! The booklet is 14 pages, and the price is very competitive compared to my single coloring pages which are usually sold at 3$ each. In any case, I hope you’ll go take a look!

A small treat…

Wow! There is so much to see! This photographer filmed plankton under a microscope. You can find pictures on his website, and this shorter film. The diversity is just incredible!

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