Weekly news: October 13, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Fall is stunning this year. This is my favourite tree, and you can save the picture if you like. I love how warm and intense the colours are.

In the atelier, I’m working on my commission piece. It’s moving along nicely, and I’ enjoying this work a lot. It’s challenging to work in a bigger format, but it is also very liberating. Here’s a little sneak-peak.

I’m not having the best work flow as I’ve been dealing with what I describe as “fried nerves”: I’m either really tired, headachy and sluggish or stuck in panic mode. Neither are very conducive to creativity and detailed work, but I can usually manage to work on the painting for a couple of hours each day. When I feel stuck like this, I usually turn to my sketchbook to do some repeat pattern exercises. I feel like they are the best to get me to start, and they work wonderfully on stress and anxiety. In any case, it feels nice to put ink to paper even in this small and simple way.

That’s it for now friends!

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week 🙂


I really tried to find a book to review this week, but my home stash has been covered, and I have been very unlucky with my library books these last few weeks. Nonetheless, here are two embroidery artists that are quite fun and inspirational.

I hope you’ll visit their galleries by clicking on the picture 🙂


You can now order all 8 Wheel of the Year cards in a bundle 🙂

A small treat…

I love how simple and fun this idea is!

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