Weekly news: August 11, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

I feel like I’ve been doing solely admin work since the last newsletter! I created some new products based on my latest paintings, and that was a lot of fun! It’s always motivating to transform my work in different items. After spending a week on this and maintenance, I’m ready to move back to my drawing desk and create some new illustrations. In fact, I’m about to start the Halloween and Christmas illustrations. Yes! Already! It was fun to project myself in the future like this, and I cannot wait to share my new paintings with you!

That being said, it is still Summer, and I feel a bit spread thin. That’s why I’ll be taking a break from the nI hope you are all doing well!

Summer is definitely in full swing, with unmistakable signs that Fall is coming. Goldenrod is flowering everywhere, and its gold splashes makes everything magical. To me, Goldenrod blooms signal the second half of summer when plants are slowly starting to decline and prepare for Winter.

In the atelier, I’ve also started to prepare for Fall, and I’m working on a very autumnal painting. Here’s a sneak-peak with this wonderful moth I was able to spot, taking a rest from the sun. I love it’s beautiful pattern and flashy colours. It is so incredible to have seen it in real life. Apparently, this species, the great tiger moth, is very common in our area, but it is my first time seeing it.

New in store

New bookmarks and stickers are available in the shop!


This is such a beautiful book to get lost into!

Head over to the blog for more details!

A small treat…

Because I’ve been fascinated by moths since meeting our little tiger friend, I wanted to share this slow-mo video. I love how fluffy these little butterfly look!

And! Look at this artist’s work: how incredible is her embroidery?

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