Weekly news: June 23, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

This week I finished my Wheel of the Year series with the August 1st celebration: Lughnasadh or Lammas. I had such a good time researching each of these holidays and their folklore. It is truly fascinating, and I learned so much! So much so, that I decided to turn the entire series into a booklet or zine (I told you I’d be making more!). I’m sharing the cover here with you! The book will be composed of the 8 holiday illustrations and of 8 recipes. Each holiday has its own related seasonal recipe. I sent the proof to the printer this morning, and I really cannot wait to share the zine with you when it arrives!

Outside the atelier, I’ve been enjoying the garden a lot. As we speak, I’m making an elder flower syrup that will be scrumptious in sparkling water and on pancakes! It’s exciting to be making things directly from the garden!

Oh and I almost forgot this! I’m experimenting with different products that I want to ass to the shop. I received this pouch this week, and I like it a lot! It feels unreal to see my illustrations like this! I really like this pouch because it’s the perfect size for pencils and a sketchbook… or for a good book and a chocolate bar! I think I’ll order a few more soon!

Let me know what you think and if you’d like a specific design printed out!

New in store

Here it is! The last illustration to complete the Wheel of the Year series!


I enjoyed this book so much! I was sad when I came to the last page. I hope you will enjoy it too!
I thought I’d share a zine with you this week from a fellow Canadian illustrator!

Head over to the blog for more details!

A small treat…

It’s like a storybook come true!

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