Weekly news: June 9, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Another painting is done! This time I’d like to introduce the beautiful wild orchid, Cypripedium acaule, or Pink Lady’s Slipper. This painting was very interesting from the first sketches to the final touches. It was challenging because the flower has a complex shape and many different colours. I really enjoyed painting them!

This painting also survive the major Kitten attack of 2021: As I was waiting for the final ink border to dry to scan the painting, Kitten decided it was the perfect time to jump on my drawing desk. As it is an inclined desk, she tripped, stepped in the fresh ink and smeared it, panicked and fell dragging my paint water with her which dropped and spilled EVERYWHERE! Fortunately, I comically jumped on my chair with the painting in hand, saving it from any water drops and the cat attack! After mopping all the water, I was able to scrub the smeared ink away and quickly scanned the picture before Kitten put it on fire or something!

If you want more details, head over to my portfolio for more on this piece!

This painting is the third Canadian wild flower I complete, and I think I’m ready to move to other subjects for now. I  learned so much with these three painting and especially this third one. It was fascinating work!

In other news, we have had our first heat wave this week, and Kitten Terror had mixed feelings about this. Here is her royal highness, gracefully enjoying the fan!

New in store

If you enjoyed my orchid painting, you will be able to claim your own print or greeting card!

I also added a new colouring letter paper page filled with fresh strawberries!


It’s hot and sunny outside, so let’s balance things out with this gloomy book!

Head over to the blog for more details!

A small treat…

Soft song 🙂

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