Weekly news: April 14, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

Spring is officially here! The lake has melted, and flowers are starting to come out. The quickest of them all in our garden are the hellebores! I have to admit, I bought these plants last Fall at the very end of the season based solely one their names. Hellebore. Sounds like the kind of flower that would have been used by medieval witches or fairies! Luckily, they settled down well in our garden, and what pleasure it is to discover their wonderfully beautiful flowers!

In the atelier, I’m starting work on another plant grimoire page. I’ve challenged myself with another light flower, but it’s been so fun to get immersed in all the details and to figure out efficient ways to communicate white petals. I’m not telling you which plant it is, but here are some hints:

– The plant was born from the blood of star-crossed lovers, according to legend;
– The flower only blooms for one day;
– You probably have some in your kitchen!

Can you guess?

New in store

I received some mushroom sticky note pads this morning! Add a sprinkle of forest magic with these cute mushrooms!


Yes, Isabelle Arsenault again 🙂

Head over to the blog for a full review!


I’ve been completely obsessed with these A cappella covers… and it’s never too early to start thinking about Halloween!

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