Weekly news: April 8, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

What a week! After months of silence, construction has started behind our home. This came to us as a surprise… a noisy, heartbreaking and turbulent surprise! In an effort to stay sane, as noise makes me emotional since my concussion, I’ve moved my atelier to the basement. I feel very lucky to have this extra room and last refuge to go to. It enables me to keep on creating in a more peaceful environment. It was quite something to move everything out of the guest bedroom and the former office and to bring it all together again. I think I might have a slight book addiction! However, I think we’ve succeeded in creating a nice workspace. My partner is also working from home and now we have more room to work, and I even gained an extra desk in the process!

Through all of this, I managed to continue working on my foxes. My original idea was to make a colouring page with different foxes doing different foxy things, but then plants happened. Still, I’m very happy with the result, and it was so interesting to research different plants named after foxes. I realized for example that Foxglove is also called Folk’s Glove because of a Welsh legend that says that fairies (or Little Folk) use the flowers as gloves. I can’t help but wonder is Folk’s Glove slowly became Foxglove because of how similar these names sounds. Fascinating! In any case, the colouring page became a calligraphy piece and finally a greeting card and print! I’m very happy with this page of foxes!

New in store

As mentioned above, the foxes are available as a card and as a print.

It is also time to order your Beltane cards if you want to receive them around May 1st!


A mysterious book found in my library!

Head over to the blog for a full review!


Foxes, foxes, foxes everywhere!

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