Weekly news: February 17, 2021

weekly news

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I hope you are all doing well!

How was your Valentine’s day? Ours was very relaxed and low-key: we made chocolate crepes, and it was delicious! It’s so nice to take the time to make a special breakfast on the week-end. With confinement, I’ve learned that any occasion to celebrate should be taken, and that celebrations don’t need to be grand affairs. It takes a bit of an effort to think about these everyday celebrations, but the effect they have on my mood is well worth the extra time and energy! Next week-end, I’m looking forward to making some waffles or maybe pancakes. I’m not sure yet, but it’ll be simple and delicious!

I felt incredibly blessed this weekend when one of you wrote me to tell me that she had tried my rice pudding and chocolate cookies recipes. I was so glad to know that you tried the recipes and that you enjoyed them! It’s nice to imagine us sharing the same foods in different places.

As for work, well, I’ve been sketching a lot for my book project. Unfortunately for me, I’m almost done with the preliminary and “research” sketches, and I’ll soon have to embark on the project itself. I know I’ve been writing this since the beginning of the year, but this book project is SCARRRYYYYY!!! The next step will be to review and amend the storyboard I drew last year. Send in your happy thougths!

To relax, I’ve also started knitting an Icelandic Yoke sweater. I really hope this sweater will fit well. So far, all my sweater projects have been failures, so I’m excited to try again with this one. I’m enjoying the colours work immensely, and it’s been very relaxing to knit with the snow and cold outside.

New in store

Lots of new things in store this week! I’ve finally received some notepads and sticky notes for all the stationary lovers! It’s so nice to infuse a bit of pretty objects in our daily lives!

I’m also thinking about Spring with this colouring page and flower card. Magnolias are one of my favourite flowers, and I’m very happy to share this one with you!


This week, I share another beautiful find from the for-sale-books bin!

Head over to the blog for a full review!

A small treat…

In case you have one million dollars stashed somewhere! What a fun project!

And if you want a bit more:
Dior 2021 Haute Couture

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