Weekly News 01-27-2021

weekly news

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Atelier News

I hope you are all doing well!

This week, I’m basking in cozyness, and it’s great. I’ve slowed down a bit and gave myself permission to be unproductive, tired, moody, and overlall imperfect. Well, surprise, surprise, I’m in a better mood, I’m more productive, and I feel so much less pressure. I’m not sure if it’s reverse psychology or just the great relief of letting go of perfectionism, but it’s been great!

I’m working hard on some Valentine’s day cards. I’m done with one of the cards I want to make, and I think it will appeal to all the enamoured witches and wizards out there. It was very interesting to dive in the wonderful world of flower symbolism and secret language once more. It’s always fun to infuse mundane life with a sprinkle of magic! 

I’m also preparing myself mentally to tackle this year’s book project. I’m not going to lie, it’s been very intimidating on a whole lot of different levels: it’s new, it’s personal, and it’s vulnerable, and I’m just having a hard time mustering my courage. So, I’ve been practising sketching people and scenes. It’s a whole new world from flowers, but it’s been interesting to draw people again and to have long sketching sessions. It feels like a treat!

One thing that really helps me come closer and closer to working on this project has been joining Fran on her Patreon. It’s crazy how this has been motivating: it feels like she is my artist friend. Listening to her podcast newsletters and watching her behind-the-scenes videos, I realized that she, an established illustrator, is going through the same creative difficulties as me. This has given me so much hope and encouragements. There is truly power in finding peers and sharing not only wins but also difficulties with others. So, stay tuned for more on this new book very, very soon!

Alright, dearests, that’s long enough for this week!

New at the boutique

I’ve put on my plastic surgeon hat this week and performed a small rhinoplasty on my water buffalo girl after my parents told me that it looked more like a moustache and less like a nose… that’s a tad embarrassing! But she’s all better now, so take a look!

The first Valentine’s day card is also up and ready!


What is January if not the perfect opportunity for some self-help?

Head over to the blog for a full review!

A small treat

Here’s my cozy January vlog! I hope you’ll enjoy it!

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