Weekly News 11-11-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

I hope you are all doing well!

This week, I expended my office to have more space for a packing station! Orders are starting to come in (I’m so happy and grateful!), and I just couldn’t pack on my painting table anymore. So I did a bit of creative home design and used my teaching filing cabinet and an old door to create this beautifully functional space. I even found a space for some of my favourite artwork by Illulina and Heikala. I’m so pleased to have more space to pack your orders and also to paint and create.

New at the boutique

More Christmas products have made their way to the store!

I really struggled with this poinsettia painting, but in the end, I think it looks good! It’s available as a thank you card set and as a sticker sheet.

I had so much fun painting this little pinecone! Pinecones have always been really intimidating to draw to me, so I’m happy to have faced my fears and made this cute little thank you card!



This week, I’m sharing a book in Russian! Trust me you’ll enjoy it even if you don’t read Russian!

Head over to the blog for a full review!


I was so excited to share the Theremin last week, that I forgot about my own video… great job brain!
Here is a little vlog for October!

Small treat

Who else feels like this when it’s 20C in Quebec in November?

Ecoanxiety? Nooooooooo….

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