Weekly News 08-19-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

Hello friends,

I hope this finds you happy and healthy!

One word for you: KICKSTARTER! I’m working really hard to bring you a beautiful kickstarter page. It is more work than it seems!

This week, I created the project’s video which is a book trailer. It was a lot of fun imagining the ambiance and then going outside to film. It’s such a different way to present information! I cannot wait to share everything with you! In the meantime, you can still check out the pre-launch page and sign up to get updated as soon as the campaign launches on September 1st! 

I’m also nearing the end of my second book’s first draft. It is so much fun creating this project. Unlike my other projects, this one will be in French first. It’s unfamiliar for me, but it’s very nice seeing this book take shape page after page. Can you guess what it is about? Here’s a sneak peak!

New in Store

This week I’m bringing you these beautiful book label stickers. These are actually the first stickers I ever wanted to make. They just took a while to come into the real world! I love the idea of having special book labels for my favourite books. It brings a certain level of magic and beauty to well-loved objects.

These are available both in French and English!

Click on the picture for more details!

I’m blogging…

In case you missed it, I’ve been writing about my book on my blog. You can find behind the scenes and other fun info on the making of the book there!

Click on the sketchbook for more!

I read,

This week, I finished Michelle Obama’s book, Becoming. What a great read! Michelle’s voice is both relatable and inspiring. It is incredible to see how she grew in a modest family, studied hard and created a life for herself. It was also fascinating to see how she navigated her role of First Lady and how she worked to bring out positive change in her country.

It was a really inspiring read which made me want to learn more. So, if you haven’t read this book yet, I warmly recommend it.

One last thing,

I’ve been seeing a little hummingbird every morning this last month during breakfast, and it has given me all kinds of ideas for our garden next year. In the meantime, enjoy this unique pool party!

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