Weekly News 07-29-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

Hello friends,

I hope this finds you happy and healthy!

I’ve been MIA for the last few weeks because of family issues. To deal with my own worry and sadness while having to compose with different reactions was exhausting, so I took a break from the newsletter. I’m happy to report that I was still able to create and refocus during these hard weeks. I’m also very happy to be back and to write you all!

One thing I’ve reflected on a lot is social media and its place in my life and in my career as a visual artist. It is very difficult for me to be intentional with my use of social media, but it is something I’m looking forward to do in the future. I realized that I was creating content FOR Instagram while I should be focusing on creating and THEN sharing to Instagram. This is such a huge shift in how I’ll interact on the interwebs, and I feel a lot better about it too: less pressure, less screen time, more fun and creation!

The second thing I thought a lot about is my art and the direction I want to take with it. After drawing everyday for the last year, it was time I stopped to think a little. I’m really excited for this more focused and, again, intentional creativity, and I hope you will like it too! I really want to create beautiful art the inspires you to take better care of yourself and of your environment. This translates into creating more sacred art that can be used as tools for reflection and meditation and also creating more tools for relaxation and well-being. I’m really excited about all of this, and I’m so glad I gave myself the time to think, to feel and reflect on what I want to do.

New in Store

The shop is back to normal with both digital and physical products available!

Two new prints are available at the store. I have to say I really like them, and I’m really happy to share them with you!

Click on the picture for more details!


I’ve received proof #2 for my story book project, and I’m really excited about it. It has been such a blast to create the story and the illustrations, and it’s quite something to hold the final book in my hands. I’ll be sharing more about it soon 🙂 In the meantime, here’s a short video of the proof #1. Enjoy!

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