Weekly News 06-17-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

We are currently in the process of moving houses so this newsletter will be the last one for June. I’ll be back at the beginning of July! Adulting takes time and so much energy!

In the studio, I’ve been finishing up a few projects. I’m done with my flower illustrations for my Instagram challenge and will be uploading the last ones this week.

I also decided to turn these illustrations into a coloring book! I really like the flowers I drew for this challenge. I feel like I learned a lot through each drawing. It was also a really relaxing experience to really observe flowers and then draw them. I hope that colouring them will bring you as much joy and calm!

The digital versions of the coloring book and the Brooklyn storybook are done, but I’m waiting for the move to be over before I order proof copies. I’m so excited to see both of these projects as real books! Stay tuned for more news on both books in July.

I read…

I ordered this book a while ago, but the font is so small that I can only read it little by little because of my concussion. Nonetheless, it has been a very interesting read.

The Moomins were one of my favourite cartoon family as a kid, but Tove Jansson is so much more than the Moomins! It was really interesting reading about her experience living in Finland during World War II. It was very inspiring to see how she used her art to support peace politically. It’s also a bit intimidating to learn that she started publishing illustrations in magazines at 14!

What I love most about this book is that it includes colored pictures of her works which range from sketches to full paintings. The author is very detailed in her description of Jansson’s life and relationships. It really feels like a complete portrait of a complex artist.

New in Store

Over here, in Canada, Mother’s day was last month, and Father’s day is this month. That’s why I have been working on some pictures to celebrate dads!

These cute little bears are both available as coloring pages and coloring cards. I really enjoyed imagining what kinds of activities papa bears could do with their cubs.

I hope you’ll find them cute and check them out!


The last page of my Brooklyn Sketchbook Project! I hope you’ll like it!

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