Book review: A Natural History of Fairies, by Emily Hawkins and Jessica Roux

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A few weeks ago, I shared Jessica Roux‘s beautiful book Floriography. Well, this week she is back again with another incredibly beautiful children’s book on fairies: A Natural History of Fairies, written by Emily Hawkins.

When I saw this book in the shop window, I knew I needed to bring it home with me. The cover itself is incredible: dark green fabric embossed in gold. It feels like a magical book you’d find in an old trunk in an abandoned house attic.

Every little detail is important and has been thought-through. The book starts with a letter inviting the readers to follow the observations of a woman naturalist who studied fairies.

Each page is filled with wonderfully detailed illustration by Jessica Roux and presents different types of fairies, their life cycles and habitat. I really enjoyed this because it fully embraces a naturalist’s perspective. It would be a wonderful book for kids to explore different habitats around the planet as well as get curious about animal life cycles. Fairies are a great way to underline the magic that is in our world, and this book uses that fully by presenting fairies that live in different plants and take care of different natural phenomena and animals.

The quality of the work is wonderful. I had a lot of fun in reading the book because it gives interesting information on different habitat and provides the reader with some hints as to where to find fairies. I think Hawkins really found the perfect balance between real information and imaginary content. It makes the book both informative and creative. It would be the perfect companion for any kid who loves natures and is interested in fairies.

This would make the perfect gift for any young reader who loves to observe nature and has the heart of a naturalist. The illustrations are rich and inviting, while the text is informative and interesting to read. The book itself is a beautiful object that any avid reader will be please to display and cherish for years to come.

A Natural History of Fairies, by Emily Hawkins, Illustrated by Jessica Roux, Quarto Knows Books


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