Weekly News 05-20-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

Hello everyone!

I hope this finds you happy and healthy!

Another week filled with some paintings for the Brooklyn Project. I’m down to only 10 illustrations to make! I cannot believe it. I’m so excited to get moving on this project, and I’m enjoying the process so much. I’m also looking forward to the end result.

I’m also working hard on my Instagram lined flowers challenge. It’s a lot of fun to have this side project which is still artistic but a lot simpler than the Brooklyn Project. It’s also really nice to have a routine of drawing something new every day. It really forces me to learn new ways of looking and drawing.

I’ve been listening…

I’ve been struggling with lots of anger and anxiety these last few weeks, and one thing that has been helping is listening to soft, soft, soft music. My current favourite is this one. Every time I listen to this music, I’m transported to the beach, and it helps me relax a little. Try it out!


We are keeping on with this week’s theme: line drawings! Take a look at how I created the lilies 🙂

New in the Etsy Store

This week, I’m adding two new sticker sheets. The first one, I created for myself but decided to share. I’m a big fan of my planner, and sometimes I just want something quick to keep me organized. I’m also a big fan of Skillshare, but it’s sometimes hard to go on there regularly. However, by keeping track of my lessons with these stickers, well I’ve been learning new skills every single week. Yup! They are such good stickers!

The second sticker sheet is made with my flower line drawings. I like that they are black and white. I feel like it is a lot more sophisticated and minimalist than my other sticker sheets. One fun thing: since my sticker paper is matte, you can color them and make them truly your own! How fun!

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