Weekly News 04-15-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

Hello everyone!

I hope this finds you happy and healthy!
This week, I started thinking about Mother’s day and playing with different illustrations that could be used to make cards or small gifts.

I also really wanted to work on some ink drawings because I’ve been focusing a lot on watercolours. It’s good to mix things up a little and to go back to a different technique.

Of course, I’ve been thinking about Spring and flowers, so I’ve drawn a lot of flowers and practiced making them realistic enough that you can recognize them without going crazy over details. It’s a difficult point to reach: if it’s too simple, the flower is not recognizable; if it’s too complex, the flower is heavy.

I’ve also looked at patterns and folkloric dresses from Eastern Europe, but you’ll have to wait for next week to see the results of that!

I’ve been reading…

BSo, I’ve been putting this book in my library cart repeatedly for the last two years. Well, I finally am reading it!

In the book “The Nature’s Fix” by Florence Williams, you get to read a journalistic investigation into how nature and being in nature influences well-being, health and creativity. The author travels the world from Japan to Finland to discuss different aspects of this topic with experts. She is very aware of her own bias which brings a lot of honesty and candor to the book, while also adding a personal touch to what could have been dry research results. No big surprise: nature is good for you, even if it’s just looking at a tree out of your window and listening to the birds. So, run to your windows people!


This week, come and take a look at how I ink my coloring pages. A quick video, but so many details!

Click on the picture for more!

New in the Etsy Store

This week in the store, you’ll find some printable letter paper adorned with beautiful flowers. I wanted to create something that you could use as is, in black and white, and also colour! All the options are yours!

I thinks these would be adorable for any letters to your friends and family, but could also be used as a note for your Mother’s day gift.

Click on the image to find out more!

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