Weekly News 03-17-2019

weekly news

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Atelier News

What a weird week! I’m guessing you are all feeling stressed and worried about the future. I hope you are all staying safe and taking measures to stay in good health: eating good food, exercising, sleeping and doing your best to keep your stress levels low.

I know I’ve been stressed out. Maybe this is why I’ve been drawing and painting all the flowers this week. I worked on a little whippet lost in a sea of flowers. I really like this piece and working on it was really fun!

I’m reading…

IBecause it is so important to focus on the little things that make you feel good in times of stress, I wanted to share a book a read a few weeks ago from one of my favourite illustrators. Actually, she prints some of her designs on hoodies, and I practicly live in them!

In her book “Les Petites Choses”, Anabel Roy illustrates different little pleasures of every day life. It is funny, comforting, and the perfect companion for times of worry!


We stay in theme with the video of me painting the little whippet this week. It’s a really fun one, and I hope you’ll join me on Youtube for a new video each week!

New in the Etsy Store

Because this little dog was too cute, I made him into stickers and cards. I think he just makes the perfect buddy to send people for Spring as a bearer of hope!

Because I know many of you will be stuck at home, and because I want to help you to relax, I created some new printable coloring pages. You will be able to print these directly in the comfort of your own homes and color them! I will be releasing one new design everyday until the Friday this week, so keep checking the store for updates!

I hope you will enjoy them!

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