Weekly News 02-25-2019

weekly news

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Atelier News

This week, I finished my skull lady triptych: enter Bear! I wanted to create something a bit different with this one. She is not leaving or going anywhere. Instead, she is patiently waiting and observing.

I really enjoyed working on these three pieces, creating atmospheres and diving into art that is a bit more personal and filled with magic. Despite all the fun, I’m ready for a little break and some smaller pieces.

I’m reading…

This week, a lot of concussion symptoms came back with a vengeance, so I didn’t read much. However, I did listen to Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman for the second time in a few months. I love this book so much because it features Nordic gods and goddesses in a very enjoyable way. Some stories are funny, others are a bit scary, but all are entertaining. For the second time, I felt so sad when Ragnarok ends: it really feels like old friends are leaving!

I also love listening to the book as it is read by the author. Gaiman creates voices and atmospheres, and it makes the reader feel like being a kid listening to bedtime stories.

I’ve recommended this book to everyone and their mother, so I really hope you’ll pick a copy up too!

New in the Etsy Store

Bear Witch is available as a print! Each print is hand signed.

I also worked on some patterns and created this notebook and sticker sheet bundle. Each notebook can be personalized with the letter of your choice. It’s small which makes it the perfect book to carry around, but it can also make a great common place book. I love noting down ideas and quotes. It is so nice to have a dedicated space to look back when in need of inspiration!

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