Weekly News 02-19-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

This week I worked on the second Skull Lady. After, Crow, let me present Deer! I’m enjoying creating these atmospheric backgrounds a lot, and I love these two ladies. They are so full of magic and wonder. It’s perfect for this time of the year when the outside world is cold and gloomy!

For Christmas, I received a sketchbook from the Brooklyn Art Library sketchbook project. It’s a really fun one: they want to create the biggest sketchbook library. That means that you buy a sketchbook, fill it in with anything you want, send it back and there you go! People can check out your sketchbook at the gallery or online.

It’s such a wonderful idea! I am very excited to participate to this project and have been playing with how to fill it in. Well, my first draft is done. It’s such a fun project I can’t wait to share more with you. All I have to say at the moment is that there are plants, a raven and an old house…

I’m reading…

I started and finished the most delicate and deliciously soft novel this week. It’s really it’s own genre. Through “The Greenhouse” by Audur Ava Olafsdottir (she’s from Iceland), we follow a young man who leaves his country to go work in a monastery as the head gardener. The monastery’s garden was once famous for its roses but is in need of a good clean up.
The story itself is very simple, but the reader gets to follow the thougths and impressions of the main character. It’s very comforting and a delicious read!
My copy of the book is a bit old: I found it in a used book store last summer in their dollar bin. It even had an old news paper clipping. This is why I love buying old books!

New in the Etsy Store

Deer Witch is available as a print! Each print is hand signed.

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