Weekly News 02-12-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

This week, I worked on two large-format watercolour illustrations. It’s pretty new for me to do full-page drawings, and I must say I like it! Each of these illustrations took me two days of work, but I think the result is worth it. I especially like the crow girl: I really liked working on the atmosphere of this picture and I wish I could join her on her adventures!

I also received the first copies of my colouring book! I’m really happy with the result and it makes me want to make more books. Several pages of notebooks were filled with ideas while waiting for each coat of watercolour paint to dry, so stay tuned!

I’m listening to…

This week, I discovered an extraordinary Korean musician and her Youtube channel “YUNI Marimba“. I particularly like her covers of Harry Potter, but all her songs are fun and relaxing to listen to. These videos are also very funny: I like it when she splits up to do the different tracks of the songs. Worth a listen!

New in the Etsy Store

As mentioned above, my coloring book is now available! I really hope you will check it out as it represents a lot of work and many, many hours of tweaking!

If you liked the illustrations above, they are also available as prints.

Finally, I’m also welcoming a new partner in my store: Annie from Yarnstastic Plushe. My cousin is an incredibly talented crocheteer, and she started selling her patterns in my Etsy store. All the proceeds from her sales are going to the Ronald McDonald House charity which is a charity helping the families of hospitalized children. As she went through extensive heart surgery as a baby and child, this charity really helped her family, and now she wants to give back! Right now, only one pattern is available, but many more are coming (no pressure Annie!).

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