Weekly News 22-01-2020

weekly news

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Atelier News

This week, I’ve been working extra hard to get all my prints up on Etsy. It was long and tedious, but I’m so glad it’s done because it means I can now focus on new stuff and move forward. I’ve got some great ideas for stickers coming up and my goal is to release a new sticker sheet every two weeks. Let’s all cross our fingers for that! It really feels like 2020 is finally officially started, and I’m ready for it!

This week, I also started using my watercolours again. It had been a long while since I worked with this amazing creating tool, and I just love it! The pace is much slower than with colouring pencils, but the result is so beautiful. I really love the combination of these two tools and will be exploring this a bit more in the future.

I’m reading

This week, I’m reading Patti Smith’s “Just Kids“. Patti recounts how she arrived to New York, met Robert Mapplethorpe, and worked on her art.

It’s simply fascinating! We basically follow these two artists living in New York in the sixties and learn more about their creative processes, struggles and partnership. It’s incredible to see how gutsy these two were at such a young age. I’m not done yet, but I highly recommend you check it out, not only for the interesting lives they both had, but also for a personal portrayal of New York during hippy times, and for the beautifully intimate account Patti gives of her life and relationship. Once again, FASCINATING!

New in the Etsy Store

New this week in the shop are two designs.
First, I wanted to create a design for Têt, or Lunar New Year. As I’m Vietnamese, this was a fun and personal project. I drew a cute and slightly chubby rat to bring us lots of abundance and good things.

I also started working on some Valentine’s Day products. I wanted to stay clear from pink and red and kitschy designs. I wanted to create something that you would be able to display all year long but that would still celebrate love.

So, I painted some love birds! How cute are these two?
As a greeting card they are perfect to write your heart out and deliver all your love to your partner or crush. As a print, they bring the perfect amount of cuteness without being too much. Plus I love that you will be able to display it easily as room decor! Can you imagine these two in your home office or in your nursery?

(This is a news letter I sent out. If you’d like to receive fresh news every week, sign up here!)

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